Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kali Temple Devotees

I am always on the lookout to help out the devotees coming to the temple. I advise them about the easiest way to get Dharshan.

The Pandas do not like my helping out.

A helpful Panda tells you that the temple is about to close and you should hurry up. This is a trick to make you take his help. The temple closes only in the afternoon. But such advise is given throughout the day.

I do not intervene in such a situation.

But I do help people who do not attach themselves to the Pandas.

But how do the people take it? Frankly they do not want such advice. I am ignored and often they try to impress me with their knowledge of the temple. Rarely does someone take my advice.

A couple of days back a group from outside were in the Nat Mandie for a Dharshan. I told them to give some amount to the employee sitting in the front varandah so that they will make way for Dharshan. The immediate reply was " We have already given Rs.50." The fact is that they have given the money to the Panda.

Giving money to the right person is very important.

A gentleman was asking about the Nakuleshwar temple. The pandas told him that it is outside. I stepped in and gave him directions to go to the temple. But the gentlemen almost told me that he knew all about it. Strange behavior.

In general people trust the Pandas than any fellow devotee. No wonder no one helps you out in the temple.

Still, it is my Mother's house and I am duty bound to help the devotees.

What is your experience?


  1. My experiences were all in 1980s. We used to walk down and have darshan. You made a point of giving money to right person. Who would that be?

    Please help me.


  2. We are three elderly persons (two of them are ladies) are traveling from Chennai to Kolkota via Guwahati. We would be staying in a hotel at Rashbehari so we can walk down to the temple.

    Please advice me if we can get to temple by 05:30 A.M would the darshan be quick.

    Further, subsequent to Supreme Court orders can we have darshan at Garba Griha as we used to have? Any separate line is there?

    Please write to me ASAP. Would be grateful to you.