Saturday, October 3, 2009

Why this Blog - I

I have been receiving feedback from the guest book of my web site about the Kalighat Temple

The guest book is not the place to post about bad experiences. So I have been editing out such posts.

But we do need a forum for posting such incidents. And where I can post my experiences in the Kalighat temple.

So here it comes.


  1. Namaskaar!

    My name is SatyaBalaji Raghav, I am from Hyderabad. I have been to MAA mandir this April.

    I must say it was a pleasant experience which I have carried from the day I visited her and it has been continuing.

    I want to know what all are the powers that MAA KALI will grant to a human who visits her with problems which appears to him/her without solutions.

    Please can someone let me know.

  2. I don't have words to say how I feel about your posting. I always beleived that maa is always out there for me to fulfil all my urges. Perhaps meeting you through your post is one of the most important urge that I have always hold. I am considered to be a fool because I still beleived in truth, goodness and her presence. I would like to stay in touch with you through emails.. My email is
    I have an orkut account too .. If you have one then plz do email me ur Id. I would like to be touch with. I am so happy to find a true devotee of my mother. Thankyou

  3. Sir I would like to first thank you for providing immense information about KALI GHAT TEMPLE which helped me a lot.Its been already two times that iv been there Wit-in this year and i feel so Blesses and so Divine.
    But this HOLY TEMPLE is getting looted by the people who are the helpers or the brokers or you can term them the Pundits out there.To get a Dharsan they ask Money,After Getting a Darshan they Ask Money,For nothing but a small question they ask Money but the sad part is that Devotees who come to worship give money as they dont want to stand in the line or for a fast Darshan,and even the police out there dont seem to bothered about whats happening.This Practice seem to be Like a Tradition but such acts in the Name of God That also "KALI MATA" is a evil practice and such people should be stooped from doing this kind of rituals.
    While praying i got a hint of the devastation that might be caused if Kali Mata gets Angry.I think its time to educate people about this ritual.I hope you will do something or at least start Blogging and informing people and maybe a small move started today will make our Temple at PEACE AND CLEAN AGAIN.JAI MAA KALI