Saturday, November 12, 2011

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Remarks about my mesages.

Bagavan Sri Ramakrishna said that one should never teach until he has been given a Divine message to teach. I am not teaching anything. It so happens, that I have a lot of doubts about a whole lot of things. I have taken to the habit of writing my doubts and then trying to find answers by referring to various books and thinking about them.

If you have friends who are on the spiritual path you can discuss these doubts. What we call Sathsang. But I have not been fortunate to have such friends in town.

Thanks to the Internet I have such friends now. My messages are my thoughts, as religion is my full time work. With friends you have a dialogue. If I expect my friends to agree with whatever I say I would
not have any friends. If my friends do not respond, it becomes a monologue. So Friends the ball is in your court.

Jai MAA !!!

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