Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mantra Siddhi? What is it? - II

The Purascharana I was talking about is strenuous, time consuming and expensive. Assuming that it takes 5 to 10 seconds for performing the Ahudhi. That is taking the Ghee reciting the mantra and offering it in the fire. Assuming the short time of 5 seconds it would take 125 hours to perform the Homa. If you do it for 5 hours daily it would take 25 days.

I have taken 5 hours daily because sitting in front of a Fire for more than 5 hours is a problem. Even 5 hours is a tremendous strain. You move your hand from the ghee pot to the fire 3600 times. You can manage 2000 times daily. That would take longer to complete in 45 days. Of course the time for doing Tharpan.

Imagine the physical strain.

Again there is the job of keeping the fire going for days together. And the cost of the Ghee and Firewood.

Add to this the cost of feeding the Brahmins.

Thus Purascharana is very strenuous, time consuming and very expensive.

Still people do Purascharana, though not many. Why?

What is so great about Mantra Siddhi that one is willing to devote so much time, effort and money on that?

Or are we chasing a Mirage?


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