Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gurus, Gurus and Gurus _ 3

I have the personal experience of knowing spiritually evolved persons whose Gurus have been accused/convicted of rape/murder. How come? The explanation could be that these people have absorbed only the good things from those Gurus. Or these people knew the Gurus at a time when they were good. I do not know.

I will give the example of two Gurus.

1. A SriVidya Guru who has been practicing SriVidya for more than 50 years. She is a housewife with husband and children. She has attained Siddhi of many mantras. She has given Mantra Upadesa to countless number of people. She has not made any money out of this. She does not seek fame or wealth. When you sit n front of her you feel her Tejas.

2. A learned Tantric gives Mantra Upadesa to people who consult him for their problems.He listens to the problem of a person, finds out which Mantra and Yagna will alleviate their problem. He initiates the person into the Mantra and also conducts the Yagna with the active participation of the person concerned. Only good Mantras.The Yagnas are all big ones and conducted adhering meticulously to the procedures laid down in the Tantric texts. The yagnas are a delight to watch. But the solution is very expensive. He also seeks fame. He has Tejas.

Now tell me are these two not Gurus? No violation of any laid down norms. People are benefited. The first person gives only Mantra initiation and then it is upto you. The second one leads you further. If you can afford the second Guru you go to him.

My experience of seeking out Holy people of all kinds allover India  has been very good. I have met mostly unknown Gurus who are approachable. I firmly believe that the tradition of the Gurus is flourishing in India.

Jai MAA !!!


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