Monday, December 22, 2014

Sign Posts

When you travel by road you come across signposts. These indicate the distance to some town, name of the town, nearest gas station etc. depending on the nature of the signpost.

Many a time when I am traveling from Chennai to Kanchipuram, which is 40 miles away, I see signposts, which tell me that it is 600 miles to Kanyakumari. I do not bother about it. It is sometimes irritating. When you are searching for the nearest Gas station, it is irritating to see a signboard that tells you that you are 600 miles from Kanyakumari.

The Ultimate Goal in spirituality is aeons away. Only some of us will reach that goal in this birth. We are all travelers in the path. I consider my messages to be like the signpost to the nearest gas station. The messages may irritate the advanced seeker. But as you need signposts for gas stations, I believe you also need messages, which are meant for beginners in the path.

We have lot of resources on the web about the different paths. But web pages serve a limited role in that you cannot post your reactions.

If you do not like a signpost you can kick it. Signposts may be wrong. Then you get it corrected. But I believe it is illegal in all the countries to remove signposts.

My messages in blogs are like the sign posts.

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