Monday, December 22, 2014

Thoughts about Retirement

The family, wife and children play a major role in the transition from working to retired life. Their attitude and perceptions. Wife plays the most important role. For her also this is a major transition. A husband who was not present in the house during the day, is now present all the time. Earlier she had to cater to his needs only for part of the day. Now she has to do it full time. This will definitely change her life style.

A temporary fix thought of by everyone is for you to get another job. Everyone recommends it. They talk about "Idle mind ....". But remember this is only a temporary fix and not a solution. It only postpones the problem. As I pointed out in my earlier post this may lead to worsening of the problem. Do not fall for it.

Please do remember

Life does not end with your retirement.

You have some of the best years of life before you. You can contribute to society.

Most of our Rishis passed on their wisdom to us when they were old.

Your years of experience in a particular field and life in general can be made use to impart knowledge and help others.

Do not be led to believe that you are not the Head of the Household because you are retired.

You still have a life of your own independent of the lives of your children.

Do not lose your independence.

I really like this from Answers .com

What is meant by 'an idle mind is the devil's workshop'?

Read more:


Somebody who is busy with work - an occupied mind as opposed to an idle one - doesn't have time to think about sinning or doing any evil.

Somebody that has an idle mind has too much time on their hands and think-up and falsely imagine problems in their life that do not really exist. However, a busy mind at work, at school or both will stay occupied and will go about life in a happy typical manner, NOT falsely imagining problems in their life.

A society that had increasing free time and increasing knowledge also had time to think.. learn and debate all aspects of life. Such as religion.. and man's existence. When an educated and knowledgeable society rises, the ability of those who would seek to control them - such as governments & religious groups/cults - they lose the ability to do so.

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