Sunday, February 1, 2015

Maa Kaali

1.Yaadhumagi nindrai , Kali ,
Yengum nee nirainthai
Theethu nanmayellam , Kali,
Deiva leelai yandro

2.Bhoothamainthum aanai Kali ,
POrigal anaithum aanai,
Bodhamagi nindari Kali,
Poriyai vinji nindari

3.Inbamagi vittai , Kali,
Yen ulle pugundhai,
Pinbu ninnai yallal Kali,
Pirithu naanum undo

4.Anbu alithu vittai , Kali,
Aanmai thanthu vittai,
Thunbam neeki vittai ,
Thollai pokki vittai.

யாதுமாகி நின்றாய் , காளி ,
எங்கும் நீ நிறைந்தாய்
தீது நன்மையெல்லாம் , காளி,
தெய்வ லீலை அன்றோ!

பூதமைந்தும் ஆனாய் காளி ,
பொறிகள் அனைத்தும் ஆனாய்,
போதமாகி நின்றாய் காளி,
பொறியை விஞ்சி நின்றாய்.

இன்பமாகி விட்டாய் , காளி,
என் உள்ளே புகுந்தாய்,
பின்பு நின்னை அல்லால் காளி,
பிரிது நானும் உண்டோ!

அன்பு அளித்து விட்டாய் , காளி,
ஆண்மை தந்து விட்டாய்,
துன்பம் நீக்கி விட்டாய் ,
தொல்லை போக்கி விட்டாய்.

1.Oh Kali , you stood as everything,
You were full everywhere,
Oh Kali ,all that which is good and bad,
Are plays of the God almighty.

2.Oh Kali, You became the five elements,
You became all the machines,
Oh Kali, you stood as the conscience,
And you stood above all the machines,

3.Oh Kali , you became the great pleasure,
And you entered inside me,
Oh Kali, after this , Oh Kali,
Can I stand without you.

4.Oh Kali, you may gave me love,
You gave me manliness,
Oh Kali, you removed all my sorrow,
And removed all my problems.

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  1. Jai Ma. Namaskar. Thank you for the interesting Tamizh verse about Mother Kali. Srimat Sorupananda, th legends of SriDhama Chidambaram, the various pointed crtiques of the Vamachara by Nagoji Bhatta, etc. do not paint a loving picture of the Holy Mother in the Tamizh land! Bhatta writes about issues in which he has zero or negative adhikara; pure, specious nonsense. So, it is nice to find verse from this land that appears Kali Bhakti. One suggestion: YANTRA is NOT to be translated as "machines". That is completely not the meaning at all. Rather, let such terms remain in the original. Similar terms that do not lend themselves to ANY translation short of a commentary include Chanda, chAndasa, matra, tantra, etc. Namaskar.